Friday, November 04, 2005

The new KKV website finished

Photo: Stefan Lindblad 2005 copyright

The new design of the website of KKV is now finished. I myself designed it and also the webmaster of it: It is NOT primarily in english, so for the most part you have to surf around "in Swedish". But do start by choosing "English" in the meny-bar to the left.
KKV was founded in 1969 as a non-profit association of artists. Since 1984 it is situated in a beautiful former industrial building. A member artist workshop of ca: 800 members. KKV is open for professionall artists who needs a place to work as a complement to their own studios. A place to work where there are tools and space that the artists dont have them selves.
At KKV-workshop we have studios for working with:
Concrete, Bronze, Computer, Enamel, Photo, Copper (Etching), Litho, Metal, Paper, Repro, Screen, Fabric, Monumental, and Wood.

The website also have two linkpages. One with links to all the members that have a personal website, and sends the link about it to the KKV office.
The other linkpage is filled with links to similar workshop websites through the link to, and websites to different supplie stores in town.

Stefan Lindblad

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