Monday, November 21, 2005

Sweaty Athens still surprises - report from the front

I passed during the summer the hot and sweaty Athens, Greece and the beutiful, wonderful island of Andros in the greek archapelago. An island without the huge hotel complex, and wonderful cristal clear diving water. But at the same time as the greek world of island still delivers the everlasting beauty and the thoughts of the perfect summer vacation, its the noisy town of Athens, the capital, that surprises. Its been said to me last time I was there, and many times after; "wy are you going there, that town is not as beautiful as the islands. Its uglu and dirty like any other big city, go to the islands".
Can they be more wrong! Its ugly were its ugly, just like my own hometown Stockholm, but athens is exciting, inspiring and beautiful like a different New York without skyscrape´s. When my wonderful girlfriend Mia and I sat together with my friend Melinna at the amphitheatre at the foot-hills of acropolis, and under a clear blue sky, listening to Ennio Morricone himself conducting his own music from the "Godfather", "the Good the Bad and the Ugly" amongst things, yes life couldnt bee so much better.

Take yourself outside the common places were everybody goes and check around. Go to Athens, hey they have a great shoe shopping if your are into that!

The Greeks still kick as, dispite the fact that they still of some obscure reason let Nescafé rule the coffee heaven of Athens. That is still huge a mystery in itself...

Stefan Lindblad

illustrator and artist

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