Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time, getting and having

Right now I am sitting at a library in Stockholm, Sweden. Soon off to the studio, the member workshop called kkv, to work on my new paintings. I just wrote a comment on the great site of the cool named Corel-guru Foster D. Coburn. I wrote a comment on his blog that he should upgrade his website with a new look of his website, he have hade the same design, look for some time now. But that instantly came back to myself that I too should upgrade my website. To put more new illustrations on it, and make it more attractive to my clients and clients I like to get. But where will I get the time to do it. Time time time. Its so much about time. Time to eat, to create, to be, to... so many different things all the time. And then I look at the website of Ryan Church, and i feel as if he must be lucky to have all the time to create his great concept art illustrations, and eat, to be, to... yes again, so many things. And then I of course know that he and all of us also struggle with time.

Now I will run to the studio and work.


Stefan Lindblad

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