Thursday, April 27, 2006

The importance of a café

I have a selection of cafés in my hometown Stockhom that I on a daily basis make visits to for a cup of coffeee to the right of my sketchbook. I have said it many times before how important cafés are for the creative life, and now the waynes coffee at Gullmarsplan situated in the middle of my home and downtown Stockholm is closing. It is now gone, vanished on Friday after lunchtime. A new café will open with new owners, but I am still afraid it will just become a restaurant.

An English sci-fi writer, my friend, by the name Steven Savile. who also is frequently visiting the café, and myself will have to find a substitute for at least a month, and hope that the new place WILL be the café its said to bee.

I shiver by the thought of the new place to be anything else than a café... Steven wrote on his blog that he have to wander the streets ;-) for a new café, I understand him. Therefore I will have my eyes open for any descent café good enough to work at, and tip Steve. Were there is a corner or two to sit and work at. Tullys at Götgatan will probably "save" me, but is not as close to home as waynes. And I do need a place that is close to home also.

Stefan Lindblad

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