Friday, April 28, 2006

Moleskine or Lana as my sketchbook?

It is a manner of taste to begin with, but also a question about my back in the choosing of bringing my Moleskine or Lana Esquisse in my bag, Lana being so much more heavy to carry for the back. Lana has a paper with a surface I prefer for most of my drawing. It has a slight texture in the surface which make the pen play together like a dance on and with the paper. Moleskine is very good looking with a great story to tell about who used it before me in history. And I do like the surface of that paper too, but I have to admit that at first it reminded me of another sketchpad I used 20 years ago by Daler-Rowney. Black colored cover like Moleskine, although diffirent in material and format. Still around to buy in art supplie stores. But I prefer Moleskine today - and Lana Esquisse, the french sketchbook. I found out that Steven Savile, the english sci-fi writer I have come to know a little, a really nice guy (you are Steven if you read this) use Moleskine as well. Although another pad than I use. I use "PLAIN JOURNALS" with plain pages. I useally buy my Molskine at the store Matton in Stockholm. It comes with 3 in a package. This doesnt mean I have abandon Lana Esquisse, but to carry with me on adaily basis its nowadays Moleskine Plain journals. My Lana Esquisse? at the little art suppliestore Jordi in Stockholm.

Stefan Lindblad

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