Friday, May 19, 2006

A day at work with coffee and art

I do illustrations and sketch in my drawingpad basically everyday. Nothing fancy or strang about that. The pad is my close friend, partner and tool. Thats were I do my original artwork that becomes either illustrations or sketches for my new art, paintings and making notes and so on. An illustration like that is the one you see next to this text. If you are in Sweden and have the magazine "Vår Bostad" infront of you, turn the pages and there you have it. It was first published in another magazine recently and now got republished in "Vår Bostad".

I useally dont wtrite so much about what I do on a daily basis, like a diary, but I do it today. Yesterday I started my day like most mornings by grinding coffee beens and breew it in my mocha/moka brewer from italy, in steel. And nowadays the new brand "Classic espresso nero" 100% arabica, that the big Swedish coffee maker Nordquist has come out with, and some bread with chees and vegetables. To quote the website of Nordquist regarding the coffee:

CLASSIC ESPRESSO NERO is a combination with tastes of almond, cacao och vanilla with a long balanced aftertaste. A deep and powerfull espresso with a clear caracter of nuts. Classic Espresso is the perfect base in a caffe latte or capuccino.

And if I my ad AT LAST! there is a Swedish coffee maker that knows how to make espresso coffee that tastes good and a lot. And with a nice aroma. And that comes in a rocking good looking can in metal packaging. See picture.

And suddenly it has become difficult to find the coffee in the stores. Its sold out. I did find one, the black canister, the last one in the store. The breakfast is saved!

What else. I whent for a meeting showing my portfolio with illustrations for a project leader, a really nice person. He served me good cookies and a cup of chocolat, he took coffee. An inspiring meeting that took about 1,5 hour. After a quick check at the nearby McDonalds, yes they have internet computers there from the swedish company Sidewalk Express , then after that a quick biking tour to my home stashing my gear, and then back down to the island Södermalm, town, again for a meeting with new friend Steven Savile, Sci-Fi and Horror writer. Steven and I met at the old café waynes at Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, Sweden while Steven was reading Lee Child wich I commented. Thanks Lee! We talked about football, real football;-) about the
Champions League final. We sat for 2,5 hour and talked about footboll, illustration and life. Yeah, I know it sounds like a cliché reading it in a text like this, but thats what we did and it was really inspiring and fun. And then after that off to pick up my woman Mia at the Jiu-jutsu club. Mia, I love you!

That was my little report.

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator and artist

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