Thursday, May 11, 2006

Its called Café Hokkaido - not Wayne´s

Yes, it is closing in. Gullmarsplan in Stockholm, a bus, subway and car connection taking you south or in to town back north, that earlier end of april hade the old owner closing the Wayne´s coffee is now named Café Hokkaido. It says so on a hand written A4 format paper. Ripped from their notebook. I stumbled in, bumped almost into one of the new owners. I asked when they are going to re-open the café, and he sayed in two weeks time, that means in about a week and a half from today. This is happy news! Again there is a café in the neighborhood.

To be honest, there is three other places but they are not close to be as good as the old Waynés was.

Stefan Lindblad

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