Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back to work

Hi there,

I am now "back to work" ready to take assignments again.

After a journey to London, England together with the woman in my life Mia on a vacation that was really nice despite the very hot weather that covered London and probably made me loose some weight, it feels like it anywway :-). We lived in Bayswater close to Notting Hill. In the soft area between the noise from Queensway Road and Notting Hill. It was my first trip to London but for Mia who used to live there it was a pleasent re-visit. The picture of me is from yesterday at Heathrow airport at the Café Nero, a place that quickly became "my" café in London, Bayswater close to were we stayed. A place that made really nice coffee and was around the corner to the hotel in the quiet area in Bayswater. Mia took the photo of me with my Canon Powershot A95.

I hope your vacation this summer have been nice

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator & artist

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