Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fidel Castro interviewed by Oliver Stone on TV

Here I sit in front of the TV having a hot chocolate while Mia the women in my life is on a dinner with her friends. On the Swedish TV they show different documentaries about Fidel Castro and Cuba because of its 50 year of the revolution.

Oliver Stone>> have made an interesting interview documentary film "Comandante" in which he has a conversation with Fidel Castro, asking hard political questions but also several other questions. Philosophical. But for me its not the questions in itself that are unique, no its the way its filmed and all the places they go to. The casual way of going to cafés with Fidel. Going to museum and discussing life, politics and all kinds of things.

If you haven't seen it yet, try and do so. One could criticize it a lot, the lack of follow up questions and so on. But it is in my eyes interesting that Oliver Stone goes around town with Fidel in a smooth casual day on town with this dictator. It would never been possible with I guess any other dictator on this planet. Not in the same way. But at the same time we can not stop criticizing Fidel Castro and the dictatorship just because he makes a casual film with Oliver Stone. I leave for you to judge by yourself. Here is an article from the Swedish Amnesty, in Swedish>>
And here the English article about it on BBC. Interviewed by Jen Foley>>

Fidel Castro is a dictator no doubt about it, and Cuba is a closed society and I wouldn't like to live there as a Cuban. Not being able to live, think and say whatever I like to. But I was surprised though how Oliver Stone made the documentary.

Here are som more links about this film and about the film Comandante (2003)

Stefan Lindblad

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