Monday, December 04, 2006

Illustration - made in June published in november 2006

An illustration is many times, when it comes to editorial and storyboards, used very fast. But sometimes it takes a while. See this for example: Clear Skies Magazine, the Swedish Airline FLY NORDIC´s magazine. The cover shows the James Bond bad guy Mads Mikkelsen, great cover, but further inside on page 22 there is the articale I illustrated, about the computer gaming industry, in which it in part says that now computer games is not only played by small young guys with bad skin-no its a lot of middle age men, and some women, but mostly men who play. They interview the editor in chief of the Swedish game magazine Level & Manual. And they talk about the Swedish computer gaming company Starbreeze in Uppsala, north of Stockholm that put Sweden on the gaming industry map with the game: The Chronicles of Riddick.

This illustration I made in june 2006 but was first published for this november issue. I dont complain-it came out the same month as the new James Bond movie for heavens sake!
Another illustration I mad in early february was published in september so it can sometimes take a while to see the result in print all though I have made it very fast and after a deadline to deliver on time, maybe got a week or so to finish it. The result for this issue of Clear Skies november 2006 is this one. Click the image to see a larger sample of it, the quality is better, but if you would like to see a sample of it "alone" without the surrounding layout: then visit my website under illustration>drawings. . I made the drawing by first working with different sketches in my sketchbook - Moleskin for those who wonder ;-) and then scanned my sketches and draw it as a new drawing in Corel Photo-Paint. (Eq. to photoshop)

Hope you enjoy it. I did when doing it. The idea about it is that the guy is looking at the computer screen (us) while playing and the town and caracters around him is the "game". Obvious I guess... :-)

Sefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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