Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When I was the only user online Skype

I am a user of Skype and has been for a fairly long time now.
One day I sat at the old studio I shared with some other illustrators and a journalist, freelancers, and at one particular point I just looked down on skype and unbelievably I who was online seemed to be the only one online! I know it sounds almost crazy, but I was online and it said 1 user online.
This is how it looked (swedish version). See image. This was about two years ago. Maybe it was just a bug in the Skype software, but thing is it said just 1 and I was online. Useally it says 4, or 8 or 9 millions of users online. This day two years ago it said 1.

Stefan Lindblad
artist & illustrator

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