Monday, February 12, 2007

Soon the new café opens

My friend Steven Savile the writer and myself have been missing the "round the corner café". We once met and became friends at the café around the corner. It was then called Waynés, but they closed and instead the café with the "poetic" name "Café Hokkaido Sandwich" opened, also closed now, and it have been if not a bad dream but still a sad episod in the Stockholm world of cafés. After all after Finland Swedes drinks most coffee in the WORLD per capita. So to have a place called Café...Sandwich but serving sushi instead of descent coffee, we now look forward to the new one soon to be opened at Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, Sweden. Not named yet. They still cover the windows with brown paper. But it looks okey the little we have seen so far. Hope its not called ...Sandwich.

Sometimes I have been sitting at this other Café I frequent. Tullys, all though its not the american cooffee chain tullys.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

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