Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A digital tool, Corel Photo-Paint

I was just to close down my laptop to run out and sit at a café and work a little. And then it hit me again: why haven't all illustrators and artist´s found the great tool to draw with - Corel Photo-Paint. Maybe because Adobe Photoshop have such a huge market, penetrating all illustrators out there. Because seriously its not because Corel Photo-Paint would be inferior in drawing and illustrating with. Just hook up a wacom tablet and start Corel Photo-Paint and you are on. Look at this illustration of mine I made for an airline magazine, It takes up a whole page of the magazine, and tell me it would be easier to draw in Photoshop than in Corel Photo-Paint, or that the quality would be different. And look at this other illustration I made for a magazine in Sweden. I took a photo with my digital camera, and image adjusted the light bulb, and then just started to directly draw with my wacom tablet pen using Corel Photo-Paint.

Working both as an artist and illustrator I really have a lot of help using Photo-Paint. I image adjust my acrylic paintings before they are put into CorelDRAW and placed in a catalog I make myself, containing samples of my work. And all though I really use my sketchbook and sketching on ideas for acrylic paintings, I sometimes use Corel Photo-Paint to make sketches and drafts. It have help´t me a lot in making promotional materials, that I as well as other artists need when communicating and presenting our selves.

And I really try to not sound like a sales person for Corel Photo-Paint, but when I consider the amount people pay for Photoshop, which is a great software no doubt, when they can get so much more for their money buying CorelDRAW graphic suite. When I first bought my very first Coreldraw graphic suite in the late 90´s people said almost like a mantra: "dude you just HAVE to have a MAC computer and Photoshop and illustrator if you are gonna work professional, because all your clients have it."

That sounded to me at the time, and still does, like when I was 16 years old, when´t into the art supplies store and asked for a brush to paint with oil paint with. They only presented me to a certain brush - the most expensive. And then said "this is the ONLY brush you can use to paint with oil painting. Just plain stupid.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & Illustrator


East Lansing said...

I've been using the Corel suites since version 2--I learned it in the early nineties while working for the US government in Mexico--and I absolutely agree.

I have the Adobe suite as well, but it seems to me that Corel is and always has been a lot more instinctive interface. And I've NEVER not been able to produce a desired graphic or effect, and on a couple of occasions when an Adobe fan wanted to make it a contest, faster than with Photoshop.
Mark Luebker

Bill said...

One thing,

In the world of lossless graphics and Flash, it is nearly impossible to create a transparent PNG. I have to use GIMP to do this I am not going to pay for the Adobe license. I create the image in Photo Paint save as a png then open it in GIMP to save a a trasparent. For some reason Corel will not let you save without the background color enabled. A workable hassle but frustrating nonetheless.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)