Sunday, September 30, 2007

Olympics in China?

Art, illustration, design and inspiring meetings with ordinary people from India and China. Getting inspired by the interesting art scene in China. And why not even India. Two countries, or continents with a long history of making fantastic art and design. But although all of this, is the Olympics in China something to support I wonder, especially with the horrible things happening in Burma, and with no real response from China or India or even Russia. All countries supposedly with some influence on the Burmese Junta. During the 80´s there were a few boycotts of the Olympics in Moscow and Los Angeles, because of the East-West conflict at the time. People at age 20 in the western countries at least, maybe cant relate to that, but it was in 1989 so many incredible political situations that were solved or started to get solved. With dictatorships falling apart, and new democray´s was born in the old Eastern Europe. I even remember the first turist bus in 1990 from Russia arriving to Stockholm, how they were glued to the window looking out. The bus was old, smelly and dirty. I was so happy to see them coming over on a turist trip. A year before I almost didnt dare to believe it. Some years later the bus coming was no longer dirty, smelly or peolpe glued to the window. They came stashed with cash and more happy looking. And I am still happy they are coming.

But when will the Burmese people come on a similar turist trip?
And is a boycott of the Olympics in China something to start? Desmond Tuttu thinks so, unless the Chinese government starts helping the freedom fight in Burma. Whatever happens, I strongly hope that the horrible Junta in Burma is resigning and vanish. For how long will politicians in the world struggle to help the freedom to come to Burma as well.

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Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

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