Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Illustrator show new illustrations

There are those who visit my website www.stefanlindblad.com and again others who read  my blog, of which I am very glad. I write in both Swedish and English so just click the flag´s next in the right coloumn. Here are some images I made during my trip to London, England.

First image is from Café Nero in Bayswater Westbourn grove, London, while waiting for Mia. And the one with bags just outside the Cafe Progreso in the corner of Portobello Road and Colville Terrace, London. I sat just next to a stand that sold bags. In my head I "erased" the tables and stand and let the bags be for themselves. It came out quite good if I may say so myself. We had a great time on our trip Mia and I. The café Nero at the very edge of where Bayswater meets Notting Hill is a very relaxing spot. Opposite is a Starbucks and some nice shops and restaurants. In walking distance a great Indian restaurant I highly recomend "Durbar" at Hereford Road.

After walking up and down Portobello Road looking at the market, during the weekend, we sat down and had a coffee and tea. I made the drawings in my Moleskin sketchbook and the third in my computer using CorelDRAW. A great illustration software which can also be used as a layout program, making graphic design and many other things. More drawings/illustrations from London can be found on my website portfolio under "Illustrations/Drawings".

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator & artist

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