Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paintings for sale - paintings in the archive

Paintings in the archive means paintings I made before my current paintings. Simple as that. But in this specific archive its the paintings before I came up to my new way of painting. These paintings are still paintings I hold dear. These are also those I still have for sale. All have been exhibited and some have been reviewed. See reviews in the textarchive under the link Reference.

These paintings show how my work have looked like 9 years previous to how I work today. All have been made during 1991 - 2003. They also show a series of paintings I made in a breaking point as we call it in Sweden, called in the exhibition "The Journey", exhibited at and made specially for Ekeby Qvarn art space i Uppsala. And as planned later followed up with the exihibition at the Audi Forum at the street Hamngatan, in the center of i Stockholm, Sweden. You cant be more center of stockholm town really :-)

I thought it was great to have the paintings shown in a showroom for cars. In this showing that journeys are made not only by cars. The paintings in the archive called "The Journey", a series of paintings with a naive tuch and cartoon aproach, was also reviewed by the Uppsala Nya Tidning (Uppsala daily newspaper). And the review can be read in the link Reference in the Text archive on my website.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

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