Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Adobe steal your image copyright´s?

Adobe steal your copyright to all your images you use, upload, with their new "Free" online Photoshop Express. The same way Facebook does. Here are the terms, read it here.

According to this artical (in Swedish)
Adobe will take, for all eternity, the right to use all your images however they please to do, making money on them without your permission.

Well I will never use the dam thing anyway, but I really do hate when company´s does these things. It doesnt matter what is written in the fine print, who reads the dam thing, when it comes to using a software to MAKE images that is. Its like you as a company first let people get comfortable with the company name, and then give out a "free" software they can use, and then starts to steal the rights to all the images. Thats really awful. This could in turn mean that Adobe then sell all your images to a Stock Photo company like Getty images, who owns Istockphoto if I am well informed, and they in turn sells the images on their websites to all kind of company´s and media all around the world.

According to the article Adobe programmers of Photoshop Express says they were never aware of the Terms, and would never do anything bad, and let their laywers have a look at the terms. But if they dont change it, what happens then? And if they change it, what will happen to images that have already been uploaded by people around the world. And Why the heck dont they look at the terms before they go "live" with the program.

So thats another reason to NOT use online software.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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