Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CorelDRAW Conceptshare, sharing & comment projects

The new CorelDRAW Conceptshare that comes with the new CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X4, is a great addition to the suite. And will be a very helpful addition to ones work with clients and co-workers. As a freelancing illustrator & artist I have already been using it, and its been working just fine. What one do is to upload once project, for example an image. And then "Invite" a client or co-worker, to log in on the online site, to comment and suggest, by writing on a notpad, draw with a pen, chatt and so on. Making it very easy to quickly comment on a on-going project. See the image. You can comment and make mark-ups while you all are online at the same time.

To read more about it, please go to this Corel blog at
For those of us using CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X4 (CorelDRAW X4 and Corel Photo-Paint X4), we can easy connect to our conceptshare workspace/account, either via the Conceptshare docker, or via File>Publish to Conceptshare.

Try it out. There is a free account one could try out. For company´s or others with more than 2 projects at the same time, with heavy weight files, there are payed accounts with even more encrypted accounts, for those who need it. Here is a another very simple idea of how its working.

Stefan Lindblad

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