Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My paintings & the UN International Compact with Iraq Conference

Okidoki, so what is this all about? Well today, but especially tomorrow the 29th May 2008, the Swedish government is holding the UN "International Compact with Iraq" Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. In the outskirts of Stockholm. By the highway between the City of Stockholm and the international Arlanda Airport. A lot of politicians eating, chatting and meeting. With a huge participation of dignitaries from around the world, US minister C. Rice being one of them. And Maliki from Iraq as well. I hope they will come up with something good, to help Iraq. And not only talk. So what does this have to do with my paintings?

Nothing to do with the conference, other than it just so happens that the three large scale paintings, I made on comission for the Hotel, Scandic Infra City Hotel, (they bought and comissioned them in 2002), is hanging in the main lobby and entrence. The same complex as the conference center. See the photo. One painting is 5,5 meters x 3 meters, and the one on the picture is 3,5 x 3 meters, and finally the smaller one 3,5 x 2 meters.

I just thought it was fun to mention, nothing more :-)

Oh, about the conference ;-) here are a link about this after all important conference. Its to a Swedish english speaking newspaper about Sweden. Link >>

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Artist

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