Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hard work as an illustrator - the coffe break

A sunny day having to go to an outdoor café by the beach, + 27 celius, moving the office outside. I guess this is one of the nice things one can do as a self employed, so called free lancing, illustrator: to sit outside at cafés a bright sunny day. Stockholm in Sweden is a town built on islands. And I biked down to one of the beach walk´s, where there is a tiny boat club with an outdoor café. I dont think so many turist´s find this place. Not many Stockholm people either, if they dont live in the neigbourhood that is. I sat down with my laptop, photo-paint and my Wacom Intuos3 tablet. A ordinary brewed coffee and a classic swedish cinnamon bun. "Kanelbulle" as we call it. Oh, yes, and a glass of water. Yes I did get a lot of work done, beleive it or not :-) Here is my photo I took with my mobile phone camera. Behind the trees in the image the town continues. And that side is a great beach walk to run , bike and walk on. You really feel as escaping the intensity of the city. Sitting at this boat club gives the feeling of being at a small tiny town somewhere.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist


Lars said...

Hej Stefan! Var är det du håller till och fikar/jobbar? Otroligt att du får saker gjorda på det sättet. Själv skulle jag bara vilja ta ledigt när solen skiner. Tur att sommaren är kort :-)

Ha det gott!/Lars

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Det fungerar för mig, för andra inte :-)
Men om fiken är för stökiga i ljudnivån fungerar det inte.