Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barry Windsor-Smith - The master of Conan the Barbarian

There are so many illustrators, artists, comic artists out there, that have inspired me from early age, and here is one more I like to mention: Barry Windsor-Smith. His fame rapidly increased especially when drawing Conan the Barbarian comics in the 70´s versions. He really inspired me as a young kid. There was something he captured in his line drawings and graphic storytelling. The Intensity and beauty in black & white, because they were published as black and white albums at the time here in Sweden, captured the excitment of the story about Conan. I still see the quality of his work. And those who dont know about him should start to know. He is a very good graphic storyteller. He was born i London, England, but got his fame through the american Marvel Comics Conan. To read more about his work wikipedia has more to tell And what seems to be his official website have some nice samples of his work

When I make my quick browsing (sneak peak reading) of Conan magazines today, at the local Comic Store, Comics Heaven, in Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden, I dont get that same vibe looking at the drawings today. Maybe the illustrators dont get as much time to do their work. I dont know. They are all good illustrators, but its not the same. Barry Windsor-Smith drawings affected me too much I guess. He established the tone of Conan very much.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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