Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Smurf comics 50th celebration 1958-2008

On October 23, 2008 the Smurfs celebrate their 50th year. Something to write about.
As a kid when I was first presented to the Smurfs, I was hooked. I followed the Smurfs in animation movies on the TV and I read all the Smurf comics album I could get hold of. And to my joy my mome never had any issues about me reading the Smurf comics. I even had small Smurfs figurines. (Image is a link to the official Smurf website of a free wallpaper image)

Peyo, Pierre Culliford the creator of the Smurfs, according to the official website, was looking for a job in the paper, when he saw two jobs that caught his eye. One being a dentist job and the other an illustrator job. According to the dentist he was 15 minutes to late to get the job. So instead he got the job as an illustrator. He among things came to work with the now famous Spirou comics. It was also in the "Le Journal de Spirou" on october 28, 1958 that the Smurfs made their first appearance. The Smurfs are as popular as they have ever been, some says more, but either way, Pierre Culliford, known as Peyo past away in 1992. And all though he is not drawing the Smurfs anymore, theay are still here. To read more about the Smurfs and Peyo, the official website has a lot to offer as well as the Wikipedia.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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