Friday, August 29, 2008

I met Bob & Dan from Flagstaff in Stockholm

How odd is this. Fun, but whats the odds for this.

For those who dont know, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, in Europe (Land of the historical vikings if that helps) and Flagstaff a nice but way smaller town in Arizona, USA. Beutiful landscape, worth a visit. It takes approximatly 16-24 hours (depending on connections) with longdistance flight and changes with domestic airlines, and car to go from Flagstaff to Phoenix and finally to Stockholm, Sweden. Thats a long trip to go door to door from Falgstaff to Stockholm, Sweden. But still worth it.

I just came back after a lunch earlier at a pub when two americans (USA) came in to have their lunch. Now known as Bob and Dan, two businessmen from Flagstaff, AZ. That is not odd, but whats odd, in the most pleasent way, is that we had a few reference points, without even knowing each others. They were just sightseing the town, and randomly chose the same lunch restaurant, pub, as I had. They stayed at the Scandic Infra City Hotel in Stockholm. Post 1 and Post 2. At that hotel, in the main entrance, there are three large size oil paintings that I made especially for the hotel in question. Comissioned work. A very pleasent work.
I have been to Flagstaff several times, having made a few trips to Arizona. I mention my favorite café in Arizona: Macy´s in Flagstaff, AZ. (Googel street view) Which they know about, and equally seem to like. Anyone passing through Flagstaff should go and have a coffee or tea at Flagstaff. Its a really nice place.

I have even made a painting of the café in question, Macy´s, changed the colours of the facade, but still same café. I made several paintings after being inspired by Arizona and Flagstaff. I also made drawings of Flagstaff. The one I show here was made in my sketchbook, and around the corner to the right, after the bagels shop, is Macy´s.
I dont know Bob & Dan, but it was nice meeting them. They took the same dish as I for lunch, "Skomakarlåda", in english means "Shoe maker box". A very nice classic swedish dish. (A thin steak, wine sauce with bacon and mashed potatoes.)

Hope you hade a nice and succesful trip in old Stockholm Bob & Dan!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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