Monday, October 13, 2008

Books on Corel Photo-Paint & CorelDRAW

Its not easy to find new books about Photo-Paint. But many times the older books are as good as the new ones, if they are well written. The Book on Corel Photo-Paint I have is the version 10. It´s written by Dave Huss. It´s a perfectly okey book, and it´s the Official guide. And as with all books, depending on the version of the software, topics they bring to surface differs from book to book. Therefore its perfectly okey to actually buy an older book. And keep them in the shelves. Not too old, but a version back or two is not so bad. Especially when one like to learn the basics.

There is also another e-book, the DVD book by Foster D. Coburn: CorelDRAW Unleashed X4 the Premium Bonus version. Which I highly recomend. For me it´s a no-brainer to buy this book/DVD, which include tutorials on Corel Photo-Paint, and all about CorelDRAW of course. I have mentioned this book by Foster many times on my blog, and it is a joy to browse around the knowledge. Foster a very nice person, who I have learned a lot from very early on from books and newsgroups, when I started using CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint back in 1998. To quote from the Unleash website about the book/DVD:
Premium Bonus Content Edition adds: 127 page ebook on Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 with two hours of tutorial movies · 37 Powertips on CorelDRAW and/or Corel PHOTO-PAINT with one hour of tutorial movies · CorelDRAW Service Packs for versions X3-X4 · Digital Photography Tools · Numerous bitmap pattern fills and utilities · Image Editing Tools · Painting Tools · Hundreds of Photoshop Plug-Ins that work in Corel PHOTO-PAINT · Slideshow Tools · Unleashed FX Documentation · Web Development tools
And then we have the e-book on Photo-Paint X3 by Nathan Segal, "The Corel Photo-Paint X3 Insider", an e-book I havent looked at myself, but as I understand it is a good one.

And newest book of them all, slightly newer than Fosters DVD book, the brand new "CorelDRAW X4, the official guide". Which is mostly about CorelDRAW and the suite itself, but it still takes up about Photo-Paint as well. And it really is a good book to have. For many years I felt these Official books, "Bibels", didnt give so much. They just felt big and only as if surfing the surface, on what can be done in the programs. But I have slowly and now definitly start to really like them again, especially when they are well written as the this new one by Gary David Bouton, who have used portions from the older book versions, with text by Steve Bain & Nick Wilkinson. ( The example files for the CorelDRAW X4 Official guide can be downloaded from the author Gary David Bouton´s website and the publisher McGraw Hill. >> The link to the publisher is but are example files are more difficult to find on their website)

And in this new X4 book they have again included chapters about working with text in Coreldraw. Which I missed in the Version 10 CorelDRAW official Guide.

One other series of book/DVD to not forget is the DVD´s made by Tom Knight. I have never bought these DVD´s myself, BUT I have looked at all the free tutorials Tom Knight have on his website. Which are just great. That man really know his way around the software. And just the thought that those free tutorials together with other tutorials by Tom Knight is on the DVD´s, sounds too good to be true. I can´t picture these DVD´s to be other than great. Top notch. One can really understand that Tom know his business. And he also have a DVD, power training on Photo-Paint among his DVD´s.

Edit: A new book by Foster D Coburn at Unleashed Productions came out 2010, after I wrote this post in 2008. That book is  CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed by Foster D. Coburn
, highly recomended.

Which ever book on paper or e-book/DVD you choose, have fun, they are good to have.

And look out for my own tutorials as downloadable PDFs at my own webshop. I add them as I write them and get the time. Read more here >

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator & artist

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Gare said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Stefan! also has support for the X4 Official Guide on our forum, as well as a lot of free content such as backgrounds and hand-cobbled typefaces.

You have to get resourceful when a book doesn't come with a companion disc :).

My Best Regards,

Gary David Bouton