Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV fashion program filmed me illustrating

The Internationally famouse Swedish fashion, jeans, ad agency, film maker company ACNE called me up, a few weeks ago. To ask if I could consider to make an illustration a la minute, for their TV production: a Swedish Fashion TV program called "Streetsmart", and on friday last week they filmed me. I whent over to their office, studio. A several story building in Old Town, Stockholm. They had made all preparations with camera, lighting and all. I came with my paper, pencil and markers. They gave me a nice cappucino, ginger cookies and a fruit. They were all very nice people, and the filming was fun. I had the camera man above me with all the camera gear. Right above my head, while leaning back and trying to draw at the same time. We had a tape pasted on the tripod, so not to lean forward infront of the camera. Yes I did prepared myself before, on what and how to draw and all, but still... For you who will see the episod with me drawing, in late october, november, it took 3 hours to shot, and few minutes for you to watch.

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