Friday, November 14, 2008

See me drawing live on ZTV

Sometimes it happens. Someone calls you up on the phone or send you an email and ask you to be part of a "poplular culture" TV program. It happened to me. ZTV a Swedish/Scandinavian TV Channel have a program called Streetsmart. Its about fashion, art, music, culture and so on. It was broadcasted yesterday, the 13 november. Here is the whole program. Viewable via streeming video from their channel. And my link of course is legal. The whole program is 24 minutes without advertizing, but if you only like to watch my segment, when I actually draw a illustration being filmed , then just drag the slider in the player to 18:06 minutes. Thats when I start to draw, and Swedish documentary filmmaker Tarik Saleh talks in the background. While the camera is constantly on me drawing.

The TV production is made by the Swedish ad, fashion label, film production company ACNE. For those who wears ACNE jeans, yes its the same company.
Hope you enjoy it.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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