Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Corel Photo-Paint Custom made Colour Palettes

Edit: With the later version Corel Photo-Paint X5 (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5), a new great feature Image Palette in Photo-Paint X5 and called Document Palette in CorelDRAW X5.

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When I work with an acrylic or oil painting on canvas in the studio, I have my set of colours and brushes I use on a table next to me. And my sketches for a painting, drafts, are useally on single paper or in my sketchbook. But sometimes digitally sketches I´ve done using Corel Photo-Paint and my Wacom Intuos3 tablet.

In the same way I work with colours in real life, I use palettes of colours in Corel Photo-Paint X4. I use both the standard colour palettes as well as custom made palettes I put together myself, with colours I will use for a certain image. And what is especially good, when working with digital art work such as digital painting, drawings and finally maybe an illustration of some sort, is to be able to make my own custom made colour palettes. The way to make a Custome made colour palette is very easy. One way is to simply choose a set of colours you are familiar with and like to use. A set of colours you now the exact name and RGB/CMYK number of. But one other way to do it is to use an image you bring into the computer. Wether its via your digital camera or digital scanner. It can be photos that you "googled", graphics, drawings, water colours paintings on paper you scann into your computer. It can be just about everything you can bring into Corel Photo-Paint as an image, and then use it as a reference of colours you like to use.

What I do is that I open the reference image. Then go via Window, Colour Palette and finally "Create Palette from visable". Next step is a Palette dialog that opens. In this dialog I select all colour swatches (squares) that I see, or just like to use, by choosing Ctrl+A. And then choose a name for the new Palette and then hit the OK button. The palette dialog closes down.

After this I close down my reference image, and again go via Window, Colour Palette and Colour Palette Browser. This opens a set of Palettes, in which one is the new one given a new name. Now use the palette the same way you do with the Default palettes set up by Corel Photo-Paint itself.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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