Thursday, December 18, 2008

Learning to Drive a Car in Sweden

All countries have their own ways to teach people to drive a car. I wonder how it is in other countries. In Sweden its both easy and difficult, depending on how you look at it. Sweden is a country with four seasons Which means we have Snowy winters with a lot of ice. Summers with sunny hot and humid days, with sun that never seem to go down. Winter and autmun with a mix of cold & hotter days and nights. Winters with a lot of dark days and nights. And springs with quickly shifting caracter on the weather, from one day to the other. Meaning, we have a lot of different weather conditions to take in consideration when driving a car. One thing we dont have, and probably never will have, are 15-16 year old´s allowed to have any kind of driving license´s for driving a car, like in the USA and probably other countries I dont know of. 15-16 year old´s are on the other hand allowed to drive a moped, vespa. But not faster and heavier than a EU-moped as its called here in the EU. In Sweden you are allowed to take driving lessons when you are 17, but can only get a driving license by age 18.

When you finally get the Driving licens in Sweden you only have your driving license for a year test period, to start with. During that first year you are not allowed to make any misstakes while driving. Like speeding for example. If getting caught doing that, you will instantly loose your driving license and have to start all over again. Tuff yes.

In Sweden you have to take a days lessons on learning, get to understand, how it is to drive on slippery ice and wet streets in contrast to dry and better gripp road & street surfaces. Panic breaks in higher speed, and push the breaks on different street surfaces. And you will also get to know how it might feel in different speed, to know the crashs peed in different situations.

When you finally get your driving license, you must have succed in the theory test exams, driving test, and taking the slippery, crash, speed test.

If you like to know more in detail, go to these website´s.
Gillinge (use Google translate) >>
Vägverket >>

People go to driving class, and pay evrything from 500 euros up to 2000 euros to get a driving license. Depending on if you only go to driving lessons at the drving instructor schools, or make a mix of Intrsuctor driving school AND driving privatly at home so to speak. Having a private instructor like your dad, mom, friend and so on. And since a year back, these people now have to take a small class to pass as private instructors. And it can take everything from 6 months to a year or even longer, depending how often people take classes. But probaly at least 6 months to get a driving license with a lot of practise and theory lessons with exam

I wonder how it is in other countries :-)


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