Friday, January 23, 2009

Book tip, the creative digital darkroom

Okey, there are not so many books written about photography using Corel Photo-Paint X4 (now X5 but this is true for any later version or previous version) as a program to work with photographs, in a digital darkroom environment. This on the other hand doesnt mean you cant use a book, in this case the book "The Creative Digital Darkroom" as a reference book, and something to learn from, even if it says it use Photoshop. Lets face it Photoshop is more known basically, and because publishing company´s thinks money the book authors/ photographers use PS as their software reference. And because Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 (now X5 or any later version probably) and Photoshop still have basically the same basic tools, its perfectly okey to learn from this book. Tone Curve is Tone Curve, and Levels in PS is called Contrast Enhancement in Photo-Paint X4 (or X5 and so on). My girlfriend Mia bought this book, she uses PS CS3 and I uses PPX4 (now X5 and any later version proably as well), and its as good for both of us. All this said is because tools are just tools. A hammer is always a hammer. No matter what its called around the world.

What I like is that the authors/ photographers Katrin Eismann & Sean Duggan seem to pull it off in this book, when they say that this is a book about digital photography, about working with photographs digitally and not about Photoshop. And this is the good thing. This is what makes this book work. Hats off for that.

The book can among places be found at Amazon, but my girlfriend bought it from a Swedish online store instead. ISBN ISBN 10: 0-596-10047-7 | ISBN 13: 9780596100476 and direct link to Amazon is>> or via the O´Reilly Publishing website>>

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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