Friday, July 10, 2009

Interviews with digital illustrator artist´s

Everytime we go to a movie which have special effects of any sort, we can be sure some concept artist been involved in the movie. And just about any movie at some point or the other have used a storyboard. Advanced or a simple scribble. Point is that at any point a movie is done some illustrator artist have been involved.

Some are famous in the digital art business, some are not, but they are there.
I have done storyboards myself for commercials, still photo sessions and short movies. I have done presentations skecthes for campaigns and you name it, there are images being done all the time, by great artists never nown to the broad public. They put down a lot of work and effort. And inspires many of us.Therefore here are some nice interviews. Just cklick the links.

Have fun and hopefully be inspired.

  1. Syd Mead (Blade runner concept artist)
    Nr 2 Part 1. Movie clip interview at BoingBoing TV/ DRAWN!
    Nr 2 b. Part 2. Movie clip interview at BoingBoing TV/ DRAWN!
  2. Ryan Church (Star Wars concept artist)
  3. George Hull (Matrix concept artist)
    Nr. 2
  4. Linda Bergkvist
  5. John Wallin Liberto

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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