Sunday, July 05, 2009

Reading about tourist´s coming to Stockholm, Sweden

Old Town Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Stefan Lindblad, copyright 2008

Every year its the same kind of articles in many of the Swedish daily news papers. And I admit I always read these articles when I see them with joy. Its about tourist´s coming to my home town Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoying the scenery and the town and the people. Well that´s who they interview anyway. I am not naive, there must be people who dont like my town, but it seems most enjoy it. But what is fun is to listen to what these tourist anyway feel about the town. Tourist´s stop me on town and talk, by asking me directions, or I approach them myself to help out when I see them standing and dont seem to know where they are. I go traveling myself and become a tourist in other countries, so I am glad when people enjoy my hometown as well.

I wonder if these kind of articles are written in other countries local news papers? It would be fun to know. Here is a link to a official website about Sweden >

So if, dont hesitate to comment and link to an article in the comments field.

Today its sunny in Stockholm, Sweden. Its summer. Enjoy!

After I wrote this post originally I found this article in the LA Times. Could be useful and fun for visitors.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist


Rachel said...

Is there anything nice to see in Sweden? I've only been to Stockholm once, and that's because I was on transit.

It would be nice to visit Stockholm proper some day.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Yes of course there is something nice to see in Stockholm and Sweden. Very much up to what one like. Stockholm as a town have a lot to offer.The town official website is (direct to english language)have a lot of good information and pictures of the town.

Sweden as a country yes of course.
Stockholm is built on islands in a archapelago which strecht out to the baltic sea, with passanger ships with daily tours to countries in the Baltics. Swedes love sailing and being in the archapelago during the summer. "Archapelago life" is a very typical Swwedish summer "tradition".

If you go way up north of Sweden, you will be in one of the last big wilderness in Europe. The website for Abisko National park doesn look so fancy, but if you look for pictures on Google and search for the word "Abisko" you will find a lot.

And when in Stockholm, Stockholm is more than the city area and old town.

Rachel said...

Thanks for replying.

So, if I were to visit Sweden for a few days, what would you recommend? Countryside or city? Any nice breathtaking sceneries or somewhere that is touristy?

What is the cost of living in Sweden like? What hotels would you recommend? What about the mode of transport? By rail, bus? Which is more convenient?

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Thats a lot of questions :-)

As I told my girlfriend when we were asked about hotels in Stockholm a year back: we live here, so we are better in telling about hotels abroad. But first, Stockholm Ciity is a safe town. Its a rather clean town. And most hotels should be more than okey. You have very pricey and less pricey. But I am not a travel agent so I dont know which hotel to stay at. I would really recomend the Official website of Stockholm. and choose language in the menu, or go direct to the same link as I posted last time: (direct to english language) It says beta, but its not a beta website, its the Official town website.

On that website you have great information about hotels and things to look for.

A few days? I would then stick to the City of Stockholm. It has a lot to offer. The ABISKO National Park is HUUUUUUUGE. Its way up north. To go there one should plan ahead.

You ask: " Any nice breathtaking sceneries or somewhere that is touristy? "

Stockholm is very friendly and breathtaking as a town as it is.
Its surrounded by water. Its both an old medieval town as well as a modern town. It all depends on what part of Stockholm you go.

Here is a link to check it out:

But as said, I am not a travel agency, I am a professional Illustrator ;-)


Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Oh, yes living cost´s.
For those who have the same income as a Swede its okey to live here. LIving cost´s for an apartment comparing Stockholm and London is HUGE. London is much more expensive. But that said, it all depends on where you live.

Food wise, no problems. Its affordable.

Its more expensive than Athens, Greece. And old eastern european citys. Stockholm is part of the old Western european countries and is a high tech country with a high standard of living. Which I guess says a lot. But every year the tourists are increasing in numbers.

Everone basically speaks English, but Swedish is our Language. But you will get along with your english.

But I am not a travel agent.
Do check the website


Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

you will enjoy the town.
When the sun shine not many towns can compare :-)

Stockholm IS a beutifil town

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

And train and Bus, just choose, its easy with both.

Only I always recomend to NOT take a cab/Taxi from Arlanda airport into town. Take the Bus or Arlanda express.Which I take, the A express is the quickest way. 20-25 euros for 20 minutes ride. Well worth spending. Its my own and my grilfriends luxury when we have been abroad. Very convinient.

I dont recomend the Cab / Taxi because sadly "free riders" taxi companys as we call them are awful. They just cheat and fool tourists. One really have to go with the main cab/taxi company´s. The "free riders" are even copying the labels and pretend to be from the big and serious companys. Its a mess for the moment. So go by Bus or train. Much better. And the bus from the airport is WAY cheeper than the taxi.

In town, bus, bike, subway/tube its very easy to go around town. No worries. They have tourist cards. But do talk about these things with travel agents, tourist informations.

Rachel said...

Ha! Yeah ... I know you're NOT a travel agent but if I did ask one, they'd give me the standard answer and recommend me places which THEY are used to bringing tourists.

Also, they might recommend me all those expensive hotels and meals. I always think it's better to get the opinion of someone who's living there, a person who sees his country as one should see it, and not through a travel agent's eyes. (err I hope you know what I mean)

Thanks for your helpful info. :-) I shall check out the websites that you gave and mull over my options

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

I know what you mean.

Okey here goes - a bit.

The website I gave is actually a very good website, the official town website.

Some youth hostels in Stockholm are very nice. (E talk NICE, not shabby) There is an old ship on what we some times referes to as the Museum island, because of some of the museums, there "Skepsholmen". It used to be a naval base up until the 1950´s-60´s. Now there is just friendly and a very place. A must visit. The Youth Hostel is called Af Chapman. Here is the link to that one. Its been newly renovated:

And then we have another youth hostel called Longolmen, a former prison, very nice place indeed. Also worth a visit to that island. A must as well. Here is their website, you sleep in the actual old cells., Top noth hostel:

If one doesnt like to live at the Grand Hotel, which isnt far from the Af Chapman ship, there are new fancy ones all over, and small ones. Clarion Hotel in Skanstull, Stockholm, is both in quite a hectic intersection as well as a very nice area. If one just go behind the hotel the green area which is typical for stockholm, Lost of Green open areas and water, is opening itself. Do take a walk down there. There is a big Swimming and recreation building "Eriksdalsbadet" with both indoor and out door swimming pools where Interantional Championships been held, BUT, it you just looka and take a walk down you will have a very nice and quite long walk around the bay, with small boat clups with a café, Garden enlotments that spread out beutifully along the hills. With peoples joy of gardening showing. People go running there with a wonderful cosy atmosphere, lie a feelgood movie setting. Not many tourists seem to find this treasure.

A café latte may cost you 2 - 3 and even 4 euros depending on where you go. Either on a posh place downtown, or a high rent for the cafés, then 4 euros. We dont have Starbucks here in Sweden, we have a old strong coffee culture of our own with lot of cafés, and useally a caffee latte cost you 2-3 euros.

Clarion Hotel Sign is very new, and right in the center of the town.;jsessionid=85986A4F1750D763752E37C08EFB8436.no_node1?hotel=SE081

I mention both these Calrion Hotels because of the ART they show.

Same goes for Hotel Lydmar:

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Okey here is another hotel. Its called Maud´s Hotel. It is just outside town in a more bohemian bourgeoisie area. Outside is a very good food store where people go and do their shopping. This very close suburb, with a subway next to the hotel is very quiet and cozy. With mostly small private houses with gardens. If you stayed here you would live among the natives. A nice a safe are. 5 minutes tops with subway into town. It basically IS the town. Thats how close it is.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

And for a Sport fanatic, this would be great, with big sports arenas, Ice Hockey and FOotball. Actually not far at all from the little small Maud´s hotel, just much more busy. But with walking distance to town.

And less expensive, but nice & central areas: