Monday, August 03, 2009

Interesting read - good for the imagination and inspiration

I got a question this morning from one of my neighbours "What do you get all this inspiration and imagination from?", she asked when I told her I was working on illustrations for a kids book. After the useal rambling here and there, going back in to work, I got to think of an old article in the National Geographic magazine and WIRED magazine. Both about ancient writings, finding and restoring them. Its not so much about what the scrolls entail that cought my recolection of them, more the feeling I first got of reading about new and old stories, true and fiction. Inspirational reading to put it simple. Like when seeing the first Indiana Jones movie. The thrill of discovering something.

And because I now mentioned the scrooll, which I recomend people to read, here are the articles

Tales from the crypt (Wired)
The Judas gospels (National Geographic)
The dead sea scrolls
1. dead see scrolls on display> (National Geographic)
2. dead sea scrolls> (All about archaeology)

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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