Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shifting from Dreamweaver to Expression Web

I have used Dreamweaver since version 1.0. Thats quite a long time. And I was really bad at it, and didnt really got the time to get into it before 2.0 and 3.0. We are talking around 1997-99. And I really like Dreamweaver as a website program. It more than enough covered my needs. Now when I had to decide wether to go from version MX to CS4 I started to look around for other programs, and came around finally to Microsoft Expression Web 3.0. In all fareness I thought they probably tried to sell and market Frontpage, which never really suited me. But to my joy I saw and tried Microsfts Expression Web 3.0. Its in many ways is like Dreamweaver. It has whats important for me, Design view in conjunction with Code view, and Project Seven. I wont go into reviewing the two software programs, anyone reading this will have to look elsewhere for that review. Expression Web 3.0 does have both those things; project seven and Design view.


marry said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah in many ways EW is like DW except that it doesn't drive me insane and it works.