Saturday, March 06, 2010

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 - The Reviews

I will probably not be able to mention all reviews CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 will get, but for a while I will list those reviews on X5 that I will find. And it might not only be in english, so if you reading this find anyone in  languages other than english, please make a comment here and I will try to list them.
The sad part is that the reviews nowadays are more a compilation from the press release.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Artist & graphic designer

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Not a review but still


Anonymous said...

I am a long time Coreldraw user and having worked with X5 for just a couple of days, I am going to revert back to X4. There are so many things about this version that are less useful than X4.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am a longtime CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint user as well. And Have worked with both version you mention: X4 and X5. I believe X4 was a big imporovement and anyone having it can be happy to have it. At the same time I would say the same thing with X5. I believe X5 to be the biggest improvement to CorelDRAW and photo-Paint for ages.

No version is without flaws, but if you have only worked with X5 for a few days, I believe you are giving it to little time.

If you have X5 installed then you should instantly install the SP1 (Service Pack 1), it corrects many of the bugs that came with the first DVDs during february.

Here is the link to the SP1 download page

I would also recomend you to view the videos you got on the DVD you got when buying CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint X5. You can view many of them on this official youtube coreldraw channel

You didnt tell which issues you see as most troublesome. So its not easy to comment in details. I understand that many users encounter issues with Colour Management, which have a complete new way of working with CorelDRAw & Photo-Paint X5. Its way imporved and is second to none competitive program now. And is very easy to work with when the first shock have gone away.

Colour issues, look at these suggestions.

1 - You can revert to X4 colour management off, the "similated CM X4". (X4 never had any CM off, but many users use it as a term)

2 - Current Document CM

3 - Default CM

4 - Soft Proofing Docker

5 - Document Palette (CorelDRAW)

6 - Image Palette (Photo-Paint)

Have a lok around, and do visit the official forum for more information and help.