Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CorelDRAW Unleashed X4 DVD ebook about Coreldraw by Foster D. Coburn

CorelDRAW Unleashed X4 by Foster D. Coburn

932 page multimedia ebook with 11.5 hours of tutorial movies for getting the most from CorelDRAW X4! Also available is the Premium Bonus Content Edition with Powertips, a Corel PHOTO-PAINT book and three additional hours of tutorial movies.

Foster D. Coburn III is in my view an absolutely excellent instructor from whom I have learned a lot since 1997, when I started using CorelDRAW & Corel PHOTO-PAINT professionally, on various online forums, newsgroups and via other books he has written. For example, he wrote three previous editions of CorelDRAW: The Official Guide books. I can highly recommend this e-book/DVD not only because Foster & I know each other today, but because he really is this good on instructing both new users and highly advanced users.

To read more and maybe buying this excellent book I personally recomend, click here >

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist

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