Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer & tourist seightseeing in stockholm, Sweden - Pirater at the sjöhistoriska National maritime museum

 If you are going sightseeing in Stockholm SWEDEN as a tourist or a local and enjoy a relaxed, great atmosphere and visit a museum,  then head off to the National Maritime Museum "Sjöhistoriska Museet". It is right on the Djurgården canal, with a cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. A wonderful, stunning walk along the water and canal. Or take the bus all the way up. In any event, see the ongoing exhibition "Who is a pirate?". An exhibition to which I have done 4 (5 the fifth was the official poster and add campaign)  illustrations in large format by pirates and ships on the sea. An exhibition for both kids and adults. With a real pirate flag in original. The exhibition is made up by my illustrations, artifacts and contemporary info, pictures, movies and more.

Here is a street view of the museum.
Wait for the street view to open while the map opens.

The map just hints very slightly about the wonderful canal. And the field to the left on the street doesnt say much on this street view, but you will most definitly enjoy that as well.

Have a nice summer in Stockholm!

Stefan Lindblad

 Illustrator & artist

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