Friday, July 30, 2010

Well I am buying myself a new HP long life battery

I have a HP Laptop and my current battery is basically wasted. Its not fun, but thats what happens when you work hard. So on top of getting a new replacement battery I am seriously considering, or now deciding to buy the new HP Long Life Battery. with the new Long Life it is set to be able to hold for about 15 hours, and if I had had an even newer laptop, a laptop from this year as mine is from last year, I could have had another laptop giving me 24 hours of battery life. I would according to HPs website recharge my current primary battery 300 times before it whent down in quality. With the new Long Life they say it can recharge a 1000 times before seeing any real downsides.

Well its from HPs own website and they of course write great about their own products, but in any case its great and interesting news. Finally – maybe – a quality battery is coming PC laptops way.

Stefan Lindblad

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