Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why do I know who Larissa Riquelme is?

I ask me that question: why do I know who Larissa Riquelme is. I dont read any newspapers or magazines she may be portait in, well I thought so anyway. I dont live in her country. I never knew who she was until a few weeks ago. I simply ask my self why?

Because of the world cup of football (soccer) in South Africa 2010. And because I use google translate to read Spanish sports papers like and and in those newspapers she is mentioned day out and day in – well almost. And I only read these sports newspapers because I read about my countryman Zlatan Ibrahimovic who currently plays for FC Barcelona.

Its funny how different it is in sports reports in different countries. In Spain apparently its needed to write and show pictures of a nude or semi nude woman who work as a stripper or centerfold in Uruguay when reporting about sports.

I am not saying Swedish tabloid newspapers sports section (Expressen and Aftonbladet ) is any more serious in their articles, but I dont useally have to read about a nude woman who says she will run naked in the streets of Uruguay if they win – on a daily basis.

But one thing I do liked is the Swedish television company WWW.SVT.SE who made small documentaries interviewing local south africans, and showing the daily life in cape town, soweto and such. It was nice to see those swedish reportage, no offence to Larissa Riquelme but it was. Hope Larissa made a lot of money because the sports tabloids in Spain probably did.

I wonder if there will be such coverage in the Spanish sport papers during the women world cup of football, showing nude pictures of a male hunk and read about how he will run naked in the streets of Barcelona if the Spanish women wins the world cup.

One thing is for sure Larissa made an advertizing campaign about herself that would have cost a lot of euros, and got it almost for free.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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