Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amy Whinehouse “Love is loosing game” – still great

Whle sitting and working with 4 different covers for books, working with concepts, ideas and emotions for one of them as I write this, I again have to post a youtube embedded clip with the absolutly beutiful and great song by Amy Whinehouse “Love is a loosing game”. So good I have to repeat the song instantly.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist, graphic designer


Sonny Leon said...

I think you should listen to this:

It's her cover of the Shirelle's "Will you still love me tomorrow?" for a movie's soundtrack. Her take on this song is quite extraordinary. I think I may write a post on my forum on regarding your favorite tunes while at work.

Stefan Lindblad - illustration & art said...

Hi Sonny, its a great song. I have heard it previously. Good one. I have two records/DVD of her´s.

If you write something please ping about it :-)

Greetings from a slightly rainy stockholm today.