Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inventors of what you may use daily

Have you thougth for a second about those who invented what you use daily in one way or the other, and as such take for granted. Here is a short list of those more contemporary inventors/founders that comes to my mind, and articles for further reading. Have fun and maybe appreciate their work. They might not get the Nobel prize but nonetheless very important inventors.
This is not a rated list of most vs less most important invention/founded, its simply compiled in numbered order for easier read. Nothing else.

  1. WWW // Tim Berners-Lee invented what we call the world wide web. He didnt invent the internet, but the world wide web as we know it and use it today. He implemented the first successful communication between an HTTP client and server via the Internet. Read more>>
  2. C++ // Bjarne Stroustrop invented the programming language, considered the most popular programming language Read more >>
  3. Skype // Swedish Niklas Zennström and the Danish Janus Friis invented and founded SKYPE. Read more >> And read even more here>>
  4. CNN // Ted Turner is the founder of CNN. It completly change the world of international 24 hour TV News broadcasting as we know it. Read more about Ted Turner >> Read more about CNN >> 
  5. Colour Graphics / Computer Screen // Håkan Lans; His patented inventions are a color graphics processor ("Data processing system and apparatus for color graphics display"[1]) and an "Arrangement for producing a pattern on a light-sensitive surface".  Read more >>
  6. STDMA // Håkan Lans. STDMA is both Automatic Identification System (AIS), a standard marine short range coastal tracking system, as well as the base of the International Civil Aviation Organization VHF Data Link Mode 4, meaning a cooperative surveillance technique for air traffic control.
  7. Computer Mouse // Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse. Read more >>
  8. Windows, Microsoft //Bill Gates founded it together with Paul Allen. Bill Gates, the geek who changed the world and became the wealthiest person this planet. Read more>>
  9. Virgin Galactic SpaceShip // Sir Richard Branson, the first successfull private space ship program. Read more>>
  10. XEROX // the Xerow copy machine. One of the most used and impressive inventions in printed media no doubt. Often “forgotten”. Read more >>
  11. Answering Machine // Valdemar Poulsens invention “telegraphone” from 1898 laid the ground for the modern invention as we know and use it today. Read more>>
  12. Fax Machine // Fax is short for facsimile and is a fantastic invention and still used, but les used when internet became everymans use. Still an absolutly great invention in communication. Read more>>
  13. Internet // Read more here >>
  14. CorelDRAW // Founded, created by Corel. A vector-based illustration program to bundle with their desktop publishing systems. The first professional for the Windows/PC market. Read more >>
  15. Photoshop // Thomas Knoll, Adobe. Read more about Thomas Knoll >> Read more - Photoshop>>
  16.  Web Browser // Mosaic - Netscape. Netscape's web browser was once dominant in terms of usage share, but lost most of that share to Internet Explorer during the first browser war. In many ways one could say that the MOZILLA Firefoz we see today is a continuation from the previous Netscape web browser. Read more >> Read even more here >>
  17.  Airplane // aviation. Human and cargo transportation across the planet. Read more >>

These are not the only  amazing inventions ever made, just a short compilation and hopefully inspiring to read. Have fun and enjoy.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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