Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jon Stewart and his Rally to Sanity

In Sweden we could a few years ago watch, during the late night until morning hours, the Fox News channel broadcasted on a small cable channel. Especially during the beginning of the Iraqi war. After a while Fox News was out and in came a German TV show. Now the same cable channel only show their regular programs. For a while it was both scary and informative to watch what many americans were watching during the start of the war. I know of no Swede to date that like either Bill O´Reilly, Hannity & Colmes or later Glen Beck. When the rally with Glen Beck on the Mall in Washington DC, USA came about it was commented on the Swedish News Channels. Just like any other news that night but it got more minutes than some other news of course.

Now a new rally is about to come about, today actually, the Rally to restore Sanity “hosted” by Jon Stewart. It will be interesting to see the comments on Swedish News when it happens. And of course the reaction in US and elswere in general. Today I read a long and interesting article in the Swedish conservative newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” you can read it here, and I linked it to Google translate so you can read it in english.
Jon Stewart is hosting the comedy, satire TV show called “The Daily Show” which have come to be an important “news” show in america, but seen still in Sweden as a comedy satire show with good political pointers, after all Swedes live in Sweden and not in the US, and I could say without a doubt that Jon Stewarts show is seen with more respect in Sweden than the Glen Beck show on Fox News.

To know more about the Rally to restore sanity visit its own website here >
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At the same time Jon Stewart holds his Rally to restore sanity, his comic collegue holds his rally called "March to keep Fear Alive, read here>

Ps. 215 000 people are estimated to have been attending the rally, read and see here >

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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