Friday, November 26, 2010

CorelDRAW massive export to EPS–so called Batch Processing


In Photo-Paint Batch Process is heavily used by myself when processing multiple images. In CorelDRAW its not called Batch Process, meaning you wont find the words Batch Process in the menu system, as its only called this way in Corel Photo-Paint. Instead in CorelDRAW you will have to use Macros and “FILE CONVERTER”, in this case in the Macro Manager in CorelDRAW. All though Batch Processing is great, the real power is with Macros. Macros is big and it can increase your daily work flow immensely if used right. Either you record your own Macros or you buy or get for free macros that will do what you need. One great recourse for macros is MACRO MONSTER, and OBERON by Alex Vakulenko. Its dedicated to macros for CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT, worth a visit. Some are for free and some are payed for. I recommend both OBERON and specifically Macro monster (MM) who have in my view a more versatile set of macro products, and simply because (MM) 1) its a great site with great macro products written by several programmers, and I 2) I know the guy running the site MacroMonster - Jeff Harrison so don't hesitate to mention how you got to his site. It wont give you discounts by saying it, but its nice to do.

Batch processing/File Conversion using CorelDRAW.
To do this there is already a macro installed and delivered by Corel when you install CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, so for this particular one you don't need to go to

It is called “File Converter”.
A. Batch Process (FileConverter) location and steps to use the macro:

1. Launch Macro Manager
- Tools | Macros | Macro Manager)
- In the Macro Manager docker, expand "FileConverter", expand "Converter" and double click "Start"
2. Select the Source Files
- In the File Converter, click the button to the right of the "Source" textbox
- In the Source Selection dlg, select the folder where your files are located. (Note: you may filter the search of the directories by "File Type" and you may also choose to "Search Subfolders" - this may take a long time if you are searching a large drive)
- Select the files you wish to convert and click "Add" then click "OK"
3. Select a destination folder
4. Select a filter to which you would like to convert the files ... modify the export settings as desired and click "Convert"

Enjoy and hope this tip will help you out.
Macros can be used in Photo-Paint as well as CorelDRAW. Just look for those made especially for each program if you are buying a macro. Or if you create one yourself, start by going to each program and open the dockers and tools from inside each program

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