Friday, December 10, 2010

Juan Sebastian Elcano & Antonio Pigafetta

I saw a historical documentary about Juan Sebastián Elcano & Antonio Pigafetta. Interesting story, and I just like to share it. Elcano, Pigafetta and Elcanos men was the first people to make a circumnavigated journey around the world. And after coming back home to Spain he whent on again on his and consequantly the worlds second circumnavigated journey.

The sad part that despite the first and great travel he and the crew made, they lost everything to the Spanish King coming back home to Spain - in 1500´s, to pay for the lost they hade made in form of the ships and so forth. Not for a minute letting them have their reward after their 3 year long circumnavigated journey around the world, as the very first human beings to do so. He started the trip as the second of command to Magellan, but took over after Magellan had been killed in the Philippines in a fight.

Its a very interesting life story and I recomnd the reading. For eas and start exploring about Elcanos life and accomplishment go to wikipedia.

And to read about Antonio Pigafetta equally go to Wikipedia

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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