Monday, December 06, 2010

To Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant if you read this – myself and my girlfriend/life partner Mia really like you in your movies. No worries no stalking here, we simply enjoy your movies. You will still have to polish your own boots. I can speak for myself saying I miss seeing another movie with you. Could you please make another great movie. I told my Mia the other day “Honey, its bloody time for another Hugh Grant movie” She agreed.

I am presently working with an architectural presentation illustration and a coming music video concept illustration, and the other day I just sent two youth book covers I made the graphic design and illustration to. And while doing all this I listened to a great playlist on youtube with music by Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty, Semisonic, Incubus and a bunch of other great bands and you and your movies came to mind.
Okey Hugh, now I´ve said it, so please make another movie. Its about time Ler


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer and artist
Stockholm, SWEDEN

Ps. For those who havent seen any Hugh Grant movie yet, you rent at least these movies and enjoy a great evening.

- Notting Hill
- About a Boy
-  The Englishman who whent up a hill and came down a

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