Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally: using the Lightbox feature on my website

I first made my own website in 1998-99. First with the help of my friend Ingemar V. And the magic of linking, creating a link and mailto from my friend Pauls friend Annika´s boyfriend, who I met while Annika and myself got our scuba diving certificate from our friend Paul, back in 1997.

Since then I have used pop-up windows to show all my images/illustrations on my website. When the Lightbox 2 first came out and started to swamp the website of the world, I just felt I needed to get that to my own website. But I felt I never had the time to actually sit down and do this change, After all I have quite a few amount of images on my own website.

But finally! I have started the change and image by image the change is visable. And it really feels nice to get it up and running. Much better look and finally a html folder less to work with on my website.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art

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