Monday, January 31, 2011

Gullmars Gym and acut parking help

Gym is used for training at, but sometimes it can be a helping hand when you least expected it.

Today, I met up with my mate Benny for a coffee at the local café. It was full at all the  parking areas, except residential, which I temporarily parked on. I whent in and asked at the gym, Gullmar Gym, on the same street if they knew anything. They offered me to park for one hour at their temporary vacanct reserved spot. Thanks Gullmar Gym!

The gym is very nice and peacefull in a way,  and very centrally located between Gullmarsplan & Globen Sports Arenas. More than worth a visit. Feels both professionall and personal as soon as you walk into the entrance. In addition a nice welcome when entering. Recommend a visit. Feels like one of those great spots, gym, I wished I found if I was traveling abroad.

Address: Grafikvägen 15, Johanneshov, Stockholm,SWEDEN
(Old Google image, but the correct address)

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design

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