Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Web hosting & old agreements – time to change webhost, they might be over priced

I've had several different web hosting providers over the years. My first website was at the old Swedish classic "BIP", Bottnia Internet Provider, which was later acquired by grand SPRAY in the internet hayday, prior to the dot com bubble. I had a full 10 MB of BIP...back in 1997 that was a lot. It was a fun company with good support, nice people and I quickly got support from. Their source of revenue to provide free Internet & website - advertising. 1997 I bought my first account. In 1997, the internet was the wild west, but BIP did what they promised. Long after BIP disappeared and SPRAY bought BIP, I still had visitors to my current web site via the old web site link (with a longer dot filled domain name) at BIP / SPRAY. I had made a direct link to my new domain: www.canvas.nu, a domain I registered in 1998-99.

After Bip, 1998-99, I put up my website on a "real" web hosting Co. - whose phone number led to a guy's parent´s home in southern Sweden. And their voice mail. Sometimes the guy's dad replied. "Yes, he is not home right now but will be home soon". And so I continued through the years to change webhost to what we see today as real web hosting. And serious ones.

This brings us to what the title is all about - old contracts and agreements that never changes and therefore many times can be unnecessarily expensive.

Today I believe there is now no website, of which I've been asked to handle, finding web hosting on clients behalf, have any expensive contracts & agremeents anymore. And just two years ago I made the last move of a client's website into a better hosting company, in that their contract expired and I was asked to update and make the website and found that old badcontract still lurking around - bad for my client.

Every time I moved hosting company I have done so due to cost, technology and package solutions etc. The new has had better security, better solutions and better pricing.

At each change, the old web hosts held on to the old more lucrative contracts out of habbit, despite the fact that their packages had been upgraded with better pricing and better offer. And that despite you having been a loyal customer and should have been cared for. When they later have been bought up by other webhost companies, the agreements continued - which led to losing the customers when I moved their (my clients) web sites.

Over time, I stopped thinking about this, until yesterday when I discovered again how an American in USA sat with very expensive contracts on his webhost in the US. He got a shock when he went through the contracts. Several contracts had a price difference of up to $900. It was discovered when he was on a web forum and asked a completely different question . One thing led to another and he woke up it can be said brutally. Today, he is probably going through all agreements and simply doing as I did - change hosting company, over the counter as we say in Sweden, without even a discussion. He had one last respons with an offer from one of the current web hosts which was still incredibly expensive. It was an expensive cost, and awakening, for both him and the web host,  as he had MANY websites / companies on this hosting company apparently.

So, review your contract for web hosts and dont be afraid to change due to technical issues, that useally sounds more than it really is. It is often much easier to change than you think.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, Graphic Design

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