Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New book and new book cover–Berghs publishing in Sweden–VILLE & The Monster Pike

Soon the book "Ville & monster pike" hit the shelves in the kids department, age 9 - 12 year olds. Or more specifically in September 2011.

The book is written by Martin Jonols, published by Swedish “Berghs Förlag” Publishing, and the cover is illustrated and designed by me Stefan Lindblad. Here is the front of the book cover. Later on you'll see the entire cover. The illustration goes around the entire book. A wraparound cover in other words. Front, spine and back. ISBN 978-91-502-1893-0.

The book is very new and will soon be available to buy – OBSERVE SWEDISH LANGUAGE. You will get more current and updated information here on my blog but mos definitly at the publisher's own website. The book is included in their latest spring catalog 2011. Read more here and see when it comes out. http://www.berghsforlag.se As you see in the picture, you can already imagine how the image continues to the other side, spine and back. For those interested: the text on the back and spine, and bar code, among other things will be added before the cover is finally finished and sent to the printer.


Stefan Lindblad
illustration, graphic design

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