Monday, May 02, 2011

The CoffeeCup company´s computer software

Can it be any better really to name a company Coffee Cup?

I am an illustrator, artist and also do graphic design of book covers, among many things. I am heavy user of traditional media like pens and papers as well as computer software programs for all my artistic work, and simply running my own freelancing sole proprietor business.

And I am a big fan of coffee and tea – both at home and cafés, to work and just hang around.

Now I am a heavy user of CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint, as well as using other label software for additional work. Like my accounting program for example that I like, the Swedish BL Info Co. “BL Administration, and Expression web, and previously Dreamweaver since version 1.0.

Now, then there is that other company Coffee Cup.

Coffee Cup makes a lot of different computer programs. When I was shifting from Dreamweaver MX to Expression Web by Microsoft, I was looking for an alternative, simply because I like to not only use the big brands out of habit.

I looked at NVU and didn't like it. I learnt it a bit to help out a friend who had to learn it. SO I learnt to help him as I after all know HTML since 1999. But I continue to look at Coffee Cup software. Unfortunately I didn't find their HTML Editor / WYSIWYG program, being used to Dreamweaver. They didn't have that extra stuff I felt comfy with from before. But I kind of always come back to their website in hope to find something like I have before.

Currently I use their FTP program. (Expression Web FTP function and I are not good friends, but equally nice to not always open Expression Web to transfer all files). There is a free version which is great and then there is the payed version with extra functions worth the price tag. So if you like it to you could choose which version to use – free or payed.

Another fun program I like is their Free ZIP Wizard program. Now it is free, but why would I like to get that some may ask, after all in Windows there is a compressed folder program already installed. And then there is 7-ZIP. And of course then there is Corel´s classic “Win Zip” you pay for.

Well I like the easy and clean way of compressing a file and being able to add a password to the file. This is also possible in 7-ZIP for example, a program I also like. But Coffee Cup zip program is even easier – and is called Coffee Cup after all and you really cant beat that can you Blinkar

Give Coffee Cup company a chance and look at their different programs. Maybe you find something today you like. They are also generous. If you buy a software you are eligible for free versions for eternity basically and they are very nicely priced. No Adobe price tag in other words.

Have fun

Stefan Lindblad

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