Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dogs stopped but children & adults ... the real sniffles – which one are the worst contaminators

Every time a disaster strikes in the world, such as a shopping mall falling to pieces, collapse, there is a dog and its handler on site to look for people to rescue. At least in 99.99% of all cases as we say to gard us with percantages.

As you continue reading this, remember I am a Swede living in the country of Sweden.

The very same shopping mall that collapsed, a second beforehand may possibly have stopped the dog and dog owner from entering. The reasons may be different perhaps, but generally it is said to be due to dogs could infect, contaminate or trigger allergies.

Now, how many times are you infected by a dog. How often are you infected by a child or an entire kindergarten. How often are you infected by sniffling running noses by adults or an entire family with children, who drag around the infectious diseases, if so only with a common flue, wherever they go during their child's first year. How often are you infected by infections from humans compared to dogs. Simple, people are the major carrier of infectious diseases.Monumentally worse than a dog will ever be.
The dog is man's best friend. The dog has meant a great deal for the development of human development, society and still do. Just look at all the situations where the dog has been used and still used in all kind of work situations.

Now one would think that I am only writing this for myself as myself and Mia have a dog now, Bella. One would think that but the thing is that it only highlighted even more after we got a dog, and when I take Bella out on the town - or shopping mall. And I felt like this before we got Bella.

Close to my home The Globe Shopping Mall, there is an animal / dog pet shop, but dogs are not welcome to the Globe Shopping Mall so hypothetically you would never be able to see a dog in a pet store. Well it is a bit cynical that it is like this, having a shop for someone who isnt welcomed.

I can buy that the store owners themselves can choose whether a dog may be allowed to the shop or not but a mall? Albeit owned by a company or similar, is in fact very much a public place.

I believe that dogs should always be welcome in public places, whether they are outdoors or indoors.

I believe we should show our best friends some respect, and allow them in.
They useally dont drink coffee but they should be allowed to sit on the floor in the company of the owners drinking the coffee at the Shopping Mall café. If so only on the other side of the café fence.

Stefan Lindblad

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